The Classy Landed Residence of Singapore

These exciting places in Singapore are only for the lucky and very best men and women, it is really hip and high end living for you and your friends and family. Just dream living in an enchanting, majestic and contemporary landed house pleasing landed development as a property, in addition of proudly located at a developed private estate with accessibility to the highest quality and exciting places of small town of SG. You and your wife and kids are at the top where normal many people would not be have the ability to indulge in such five stars and stylish living. Be proud and blissful when you get this spectacular and stunning landed house, provide only the finest lifestyle to yourself and your cherished ones. Fancy living and trendy lifestyle awaits you and your members of the family at Whitley Residences landed development of small city of SG. Exciting Properties of the Whitley Residences. The real estate industry of Singapore metropolitan city is currently booming. The metropolitan city area has been in a state of constant development since the 1960s.

Today there are many properties being built in and around the cities. Many of these new properties have luxury accommodations available along with a myriad of facilities made to delight the residents and to make their lives a job. Out of huge number of building projects currently in progress the Whitley Residences floor plan is easily one of the most luxurious. A huge advantage of owning a home at this condo fashion homes is that many of the best facilities of the city are dust a drive away. There are many reasons for buying a property in Whitley residences. It is centrally located in the city in the Freehold District 11. The second point is that the space of the property is huge, about 130000 square kilometers of prime parklands, woods and artificial landscaped fields and gardens. The interiors space is one of the largest among the city properties at 5000 to 6000 square feet and each home as a parking lot for 2 cars. The ultra-modern and ultra-luxury homes have 4 levels with personal lifts, 4 suite bedrooms, enclosed place for private use and a delightful roof terrace. When it comes to location, apart from being centrally located in the city it is also near to facilities such as the best schools of the city such as the ACS, SCGS and the CJC. A great advantage of having a home here is that although the homes are private units the facilities of condo style. The Sengkang New Launch property boasts of 61 private villas each of which comes with private lifts, private car park and basement.